Chris De Man

“The whole outlook of mankind might be changed if we could all believe that we dwell under a friendly sky and that the God of heaven, though exalted in power and majesty, is eager to be friends with us.”
~ A.W. Tozer

Version 2

Bio in Brief

I’m husband to Katrina and father to five. Part-time poet and former dog owner (long live Nacho!) I strive for faithful engagement as a husband, father, friend, worker, and citizen. Firmly embedded in mid-life, I recently stepped into a doctoral program at McMaster Divinity College, which has enhanced my appreciation for early mornings and dark roast coffee.

A bit more…

A life-long resident of West Michigan, my growing-up years were shaped through faith, family, and athletics. After high school, I trekked north to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where I earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University. Shortly thereafter, I wandered back to the warmer climes of Grand Rapids to get married and begin my engineering career.

While happy and successful, I sensed engineering may not be my terminal profession. As our family grew, my wife and I were invited into lay-leadership roles in our church. These roles sparked a theological curiosity, which when coupled with my affinity for learning landed me in a distance program with Liberty Theological Seminary. Just prior to earning an M.A. in Religion from Liberty, my sense about my engineering future proved true when I was asked to join our church staff. I served there for 10 years in a blended role of administration and ministry work.

Then, similar to my previous premonition, I felt God preparing me for another occupational move. This time He placed me at Calvin Theological Seminary where I currently serve out of the Technology department.

In the midst of this journey of vocational refinement, I’ve discovered joy in writing, teaching, and practices of spiritual formation. I’m particularly interested in how the spiritual practices of men are affected by ethnicity and what that means for diverse churches and integrated gatherings. While I pursue these interests and develop as a practical theologian, I seek to be more aware of opportunities to offer meaningful contribution.

Specific to meaningful contribution, I welcome the opportunity to converse about strategies and practices for ministering to men, church administration, or collaborating on writing projects. I’m also game for a casual chat about most anything over a freshly brewed, strong cup of coffee. The sidebar of this page has writing projects I’ve worked on as well as samples of my teaching. And of course there’s the blog portion of this site where I welcome you to join me in thinking about God in the common places of life. Please visit my ‘Contact’ page if you’d like to connect.