DG National Conference

Katrina and I returned a week ago from the Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis (ministry of John Piper). This was our second time attending. Even though we align closely with the theology, crowd demographics and general atmosphere of the conference we were certainly stretched (in a good way) in our worship, focus, love and passions. We returned challenged and refreshed. 

Speaking of stretching, we experienced an inadvertent stretching of our palettes. An appetizer we ordered at an Irish restaurant came with “specialty meats and cheeses.” One of the specialty meats was head cheese. If you are unfamiliar with this delicacy, the name describes the ingredients. Yes, we ate some. We won’t again. Our waitress gave us kudos for trying. Small consolation.

Back to the conference.
All of the audio and video from the conference plenary sessions can be found here.

For what it’s worth, we especially enjoyed Francis Chan, Thabiti Anyabwile, Al Mohler and John Piper. There is a gem from Piper in the panel discussion with him, Anyabwile, Chan and Mohler. It starts at the 18:45 mark and runs 10 minutes. To set some context, Piper was presented with a book of essays, written in his honor (and unbeknown to him) just a couple of hours before. His thoughts on how to handle such honor with humility and Christ-centered perspective reflect why Katrina and I greatly appreciate this man of God.

Listen or watch if you can. There’s much to be mined. It may take several weeks (or months), but persistent digging will be richly rewarded.