I’m husband to Katrina and father to five. Part-time poet and former dog owner (long live Nacho!), I strive for faithful engagement as a husband, father, friend, worker, and citizen. Firmly embedded in mid-life, I’ve stepped into doctorate level studies at McMaster Divinity College, which has enhanced my appreciation for early mornings and dark roast coffee.

Books I’ve worked on
Man Made book image
More than ever, boys are getting lost in an eternal boy-land. Does your boy have what it takes to become a man? Of course. All boys do. A boy’s journey to manhood is forged through life’s tensions. That’s where risk-taking and courage are born. It’s a journey that requires—you. Man Made identifies and develops five stages of a boy’s life. Each stage offers a key concept and several suggested experiences to consider as you and your son customize his manhood journey. His progress is man-made.

Moms wrote this book. Moms who yearn to give their daughters more sustaining, life-giving qualities in their hearts. To develop their minds. Celebrate true beauty. Encourage softness. Instill confidence. And together, enjoy their God-breathed, feminine stamp. These are neither antiquated nor ready-made qualities. They’re carefully developed through the seasons from birth to adulthood. As a mom, you’re the person best equipped to pace alongside your daughter as she grows her femininity – femininity too special to keep stored inside fancy plastic bags.

Professional fighters understand reach. Reach is the length of an extended arm. They measure it, compare it, study their opponent’s reach, and form strategy based on their limited reach. But Christians are different. Our reach – bringing God’s grace, truth, and love to all people – is not fixed. In fact, God extends His influence through us and amazingly, uses us to reach people. Remember God’s rhetorical question to Moses: “Is the LORD’S arm too short?” Envision God extending His arm – His reach – across the breadth of humanity. He offers salvation, and you have a part to play. So, how’s your reach?

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