One Year Ago

One year ago, with our first post, this blog came to life.

We came out of the gate a bit tenuous, feeling
small. But we soon found our rhythm. Now, blogging is part of our weekly ritual. With each post we are stretched as we work-out our theology in the common things of life. Things like helping our kids see the value of reading good literature. Or explaining what belly buttons are for. Or making it through the hug line unscathed. Or applying financial leverage to shape long-term character – or simply influence behavior in the moment.

with our children provide much material for our writings. Parenting is a very humbling experience. Despite our best efforts, there’s always the possibility our kids will find us old-fashioned, or even (gulp) puritanical. But we love our little sweeties (Katrina’s term of endearment). Each day we pray over them as we lovingly weave our threads of influence into their souls.

But with weaving comes tension. A tension that needs breaking once in a while – with humor.

A little levity helps balance the frustration of
dog-chewed earphones , broken lawn tractors and a long weekend of painting. A herd of galloping unicorns brings welcome laughter to a stressful moment (even Scrooge can’t help but smile at a unicorn – real, stuffed or imagined). At times our humor leads to a bit of mischief, but we never cross the line of looney. And, what better way to keep zombies at bay than periodic bursts of giggling?

Food was a consistent theme this year. With some trepidation I shared my “
fruit tree” moniker. I followed that by comparing myself to a coconut. We ate waffles in Chicago and waxed eloquent about our Family Stew. And just recently we discovered that donuts not only taste great, they also work well on issues of the heart.

Not content to stay at home, we went international. We plumbed the depths of middle earth with Chilean miners, only to return to Earth’s surface with questions about
life. We went to war for the fatherless in Ethiopia. We crossed “The Pond” to peek-in on a royal wedding. Our journeying finally brought us back to the States where we considered the life of an American icon, wondering what her life would have been like if she had tarried longer.

During this past year we learned more about our unwelcome, but necessary
companion. The company of struggle and pain has taught us to pray audaciously. And in this praying we found – again – that God is juice and joy. His goodness fuels our praise and fosters a longing for the day of restoration. But in the present, we rest in Jesus Christ for strength and courage to do the hard work of redemptive relationships.

Like our blog title suggests, we are privileged to relate with a God who loves us. Who is jealous for us. Who wants our deepest
affection. And our time. We must arrange our busyness around Him – our epicenter. His Spirit speaks to our spirit, imploring us to stand firm in our faith. To be honest about our brokenness. To not be duped by a feel-good theology.

The rookie season of Dwelling Under a Friendly Sky has been a blessing – for us, and hopefully for you. We write out of gratitude for choices made in a
garden long ago. A choice to obey. To sacrifice. To love. Choices made by a Man who knew what it was to struggle. Be tempted. Feel pain.  Work hard. Be part of a family. That Man – the God-Man Jesus – was our pioneer. As you dwell under His friendly sky, may you become infatuated with who He is and what He’s done.

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