Two Gardens, Two Choices

Twice there has been a garden and a choice.

The first garden, Eden, and the choice made by Adam and Eve to not trust God was brought about in deception without wisdom and plunged us into hopeless separation. The second choice, in the Garden of Gethsemane, was made with the knowledge and Truth that was the only Way. By sacrifice, the second choice ushered us into Life.

On this day, we know that Jesus knelt with unknowing disciples and asked that the choice—or cup—of suffering be taken from him. Yet Christ said this after he asked the question, “Your will, Father, not mine” and in doing that exercised a will that took his life and he was beaten, suffered and bled for you and for me.

The only legitimate goal in life is to be after The Father’s work. We do that by faith and obedience. That’s our choice and that choice brings freedom from death and the hope of the Life into our lives.

Our life then becomes a confession of love where we live, not for ourselves, but for God and for others.

Jesus is our best example in how to live—and die—daily.

Father, let my heart be after you!

Need to Breathe – Garden

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