A Rodent’s Wrath

The Groundhog Day Dump. That’s the moniker given to this Midwest blizzard by a local weather man. I like it. Humor lightens the frustrations of days like this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t lighten the load of snow in my driveway.

In the spirit of bringing some levity to this day, here are a sampling of some comical interactions with our kids.

~ One of our daughters went to the dress-up box and came back as a lady “astronut.”
~ After telling our daughter she could not play with the neighbor boy, she immediately went back outside and said to him, “My mom said I cannot be near you.”
~ Parent: “Did you brush your teeth?”
      Child: “Yes.”
      Parent: “All of them, on all sides?”
      Child: “Does that include the back side?”
~ Child: “The dentist said I am getting my ultimate teeth!” (translation: adult teeth)
~ Child:  “Dad, why do you pay cactuses?” (translation: taxes)
~ Chris is home from work, sick. Child: “Dad? Why are you home? Did you lose your job?”

One more funny. Several months ago we introduced many of you to The Doug & Jon Show. Here’s another of our favorites: Alan the Overly Angry Pirate. Enjoy, and don’t forget that in the midst of their silliness, Doug and Jon are all about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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