Our Friend Joe

Actually, yes. We find this funny.

We heartily LOL’d the first time we saw it. Our children memorized it right then and now run about the house with happy voices saying things like “Don’t eat that it’s toxic!” and “Never run with scissors!”

We’ve LOL’d each and everytime we’ve watched it since.

It’s just for laughs…or is it?

The Doug & Jon Show is about laughs and much more. It has an effective purpose.

We are glad for people like Doug & Jon who use their gifts, unusually, for Kingdom work.

Go ahead. You can laugh, too. It’s pretty funny.

One thought on “Our Friend Joe

  1. Okay, so we're doing homework in the hotel room so that later we can hit the pool and the Portland Children's Museum…but I had to stop and call the girls over to show them THEDOUGANDJONSHOW.COM!! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂


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